Lally Cruz-Dizon was exposed to bag manufacturing since she was young, and memories of her growing up years include visits to her parents’ factory.

She has learned all aspects of bag making, from designing, product development, to pattern making, production, up to the final stages of quality inspection when she was the Creative Director of their family’s bag manufacturing-exporting company for 6 years.  She was exposed to big buyers from Japan, Europe and the US, collaborating with international designers, developing materials and colors, conceptualizing styles and collections that were sold across the global market.

After her valuable experience in designing and exporting,  Lally felt it was time to re-direct her creative passion under her very own label. Inspired by her love for fashion, traveling and modern interior design, her style is often construed as appealingly dynamic, classic shapes modernized by her personal design concepts.

Aside from designing and building her brand both in Manila’s booming fashion scene and the ever-changing international market, Lally is also a Director of Vintage Restore, the Philippine’s pioneer in repair and restoration of luxury leather goods.

At present, she is now focused on using crocodile skin, python skin and elaphe snake skin, adorned with her signature handmade accent pieces. These originally-designed embellishments are usually made of 24k gold plated brass, combined with stones, exotic skin, wood, and other natural materials, a striking feature that is truly her own. Each Lally Dizon creation is given utmost attention to detail, knowing that the woman carrying her creation is defined by style and a discerning taste for all things beautiful.

LD explicitly spells Luxuriously Distinct.